Arduino Twinkle

So I’ve recently been spending some time learning about Arduino. If you don’t know a lot about it, you can find out some basic info at the Arduino website here.

Essentially, it is an interface between any kind of electronic equipment and a computer. You can program some code using the Arduino programming language (which is based on C), then upload this code to the Arduino board and it will be able to perform tasks for you.

Here, I have used a set of relays to create switches that are controlled by the Arduino. I have also taken out the insides of a toy piano keyboard and used these switches to set off the notes on the keyboard.

In this instance, I have programmed it to play twinkle twinkle. Not an exciting use of such technology, but the theory is that I can use this arduino and relay setup to set off any switch on any electronic device, and even perform bends for me at precisely scheduled intervals

Check out the video here:

The reverse of this can also happen. I can set up switches and potentiometers that can be interpreted by the computer in some way or another. I can also use the pulse width modulation (PWM) feature to approximate a variable resistor.

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