Church Bell Rhythms

Here we have another instrument that I built to use for my final piece. It combines a DJ kit toy with an ‘electro’ pen and cycles through samples in a rhythmic way. It uses five samples, and on each iteration of the loop, on of the samples is changed

For example, it might begin with a rhythm of
and then on the next iteration it might change to
and gradually, the rhythm changes into something new.

The way it does this is similar to the way in which a group of church bell ringers alter their patterns in ‘change ringing’ – hence the name – “Church Bell Rhythms”.

Watch this video to see it in action:


circuit diagram
Circuit Diagram for Frankenturtle

Here is one of the instruments I created to use in my final piece. It is made from a toy turtle that plays various nursery rhymes when the buttons are pressed. I added a schmitt trigger (NOT gate) in conjunction with a relay, and also added some switches and potentiometers. This toy has been hacked in the traditional sense and now makes some very unusual sounds.

Watch this video to see it in action: