Unicycle Simulator

Unicycle Simulator

A while back I, along with my friend Felix, had the idea that I would create a game based on the 2D motorcycle platform model – in particular elastomania.

However, the game I create would be in 3D, and it would be a Unicycle.

When I embarked on my attempt to make such a game, I quickly realised that it was quite a big feat indeed. The physics behind a Unicycle turned out to be fairly complicated and I actually had to do a lot of research into fairly complex trigonometry – mostly reminding myself of what I learned in my University maths days – to get it to work the way I wanted it to.

What I came up with is really just a shell of a game but a fairly good idea that a game could be built on top of.

The idea has long since come to a bit of a halt, but who knows? Perhaps in future I might come back to this and turn it into a finished game.

I thought I’d share what I have with you, so here it is:

Click Here to play Unicycle Simulator

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