SNES Keyboard

SNES Keyboard (Incomplete)

I have been working on a while on trying to fix a broken SNES console. Unfortunately it seems that the motherboard is knackered beyond repair, however that didn’t dissuade me from trying to make some cool noises with it. I did a bit of research and discovered where on the motherboard the audio is processed. Using a bit of trial and error more so than technical knowledge, I soldered some connections to the motherboard. I then attached these connections to a toy keyboard, so that I could play the console like an instrument. What’s interesting abut the keyboard is that it is actually touch sensitive: the harder I press the keys, the stronger the connection is. The original toy didn’t use this functionality, and simply used the keys as switches, but it makes for a much more dynamic and fun instrument.

Watch this video to see it in action:

You will notice that half way through I hit the reset button. I have found that this sometimes makes the sounds change a little, especially if you are holding down a note while you do it.

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