I am a Music Teacher based in Edinburgh. For more information please click the “Teaching” tab at the top of the page or click here.

Musical Experience

I have a lot of experience performing and play many instruments, including the Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Ukulele, Mandolin, Voice and Bagpipes.

I currently play with a Swing band called “Radio Pachuco”. We play regularly at weddings and other functions. For more information please click on the “Bands” tab at the top of the page or click here.

I was a part of the Erskine Stewart’s Melville Pipe Band, which played at competition level and regularly placed highly. I continue to play for weddings and functions and perform with Les Peters’ Piping Hot Burns show, in a mix of traditional and non-traditional tunes. For more information please click on the “Bagpipes” tab at the top of the page or click here.

I was a member of the National Youth Choir of Scotland for 6 consecutive years. I performed with them at a tour of Eastern Europe where I sung at several notable concert halls including the St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna and the Smetana Hall at the Municipal House in Prague. I have also sung with them several times in various British Concert venues including the Royal Albert Hall during the proms festival and we regularly sing at the Usher Hall and the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Some of our concerts have been broadcast live on Radio 3. I also sang with the Edinburgh University singers choir.

During my college years I spent 2 weeks in Lithuania, rehearsing for a performance at the Vilnius Jazz Festival, doing a bizarre big band mixture of Scottish folk Music and Jazz.

I have performed at Usher Hall many times, notably I played the grand piano at a concert with Phil Cunningham as part of a Folk/Orchestral music blend.


I attended Edinburgh University, where I received a BMus(hons) in Music Technology. The course encompasses a mixture of Music, Maths and Programming as well as Acoustics and Sound Recording.

Recording and Sound

At University level I have studied recording and I am familiar with standard microphone techniques as well as editing and mixing techniques using both Logic and Pro Tools. I am familiar with sound processing techniques having taken two courses in Electroacoustic composition.

I help run recording sessions at Totally Sound as part of the continuing process to help inspire creativity in young people. I also record and mix all the music for my band Radio Pachuco, which can be found here.

Ever since my school years I have always been interested in the recording process. I spent time recording my own songs at home using a dynamic microphone and quickly became familiar with Audacity and Cubase.

Programming and Games Development

Despite being a music graduate, I am passionate about computer games and games development. I attended a two-day course called “An Introduction to Game Design” during the University’s Innovative Learning Week. Since then I have focused on developing my skills as a game developer and have completed several games using the Unity3D, GameMaker GameSalad engines. I have completed an online Coursera course called “Beginning Games programming in C#”, which taught C# using Microsoft XNA game studio.

At school I was taught Higher Computing, where I was first introduced to programming through Visual Basic. At Stevenson College I took a course in Music Technology, where I learned the basics of how to use Max/MSP and Pure Data.

Since then I have been taught and used these languages in several projects at University, where I also used C, Common Lisp, Haskell, and Matlab for the purposes of real time/non-real time algorithmic composition and digital signal processing. From this I found that not only was I particularly interested in programming but also that it is an area that I showed the greatest aptitude for. This is due in large part to the necessity for logical thinking and problem solving, both being areas I find myself naturally suited to.

I completed a coursera course called “From NAND to Tetris Part 1”, which teaches Computer Science by guiding the students through the stages of building a computer from first principles. I submitted coursework using a Hardware Description Language and wrote an assembler in C#.


In our fourth year at University we have the opportunity to spend a whole year working one large project and it is an almost entirely free choice as to what you can do. My chosen project involved learning a lot about electronics and using that knowledge to make lots of video game noises. For more information you can see my full Proposal here.


BMus (hons) Music Technology – (2:1)
HND Music Performance – I spent two years studying Music Performance at Stevenson College
ABRSM Grade 5 – Theory of Music – Pass with Distinction
ABRSM Grade 8 – Singing – Pass with Merit
ABRSM Grade 4 -Piano – Pass
Rock School Grade 7 – Bass Guitar – Pass with Merit
Institute of Piping Certificate
Certificate of Erasmus Study Period
PVG Certificate from Disclosure Scotland
Member of NYCOS

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