My Project

For the next few months I will be talking a lot about my Project. I spent the first couple of weeks at University coming up with the Project Proposal and finding an appropriate supervisor. For the full project proposal, click here.


For the short version, read on. For the even shorter version, just take a look at this picture –>

Actually, that photo is of a microphone and tape loop setup, but the principle is roughly the same.

Basically I am interested in Chiptune music. This is where the sounds from old video games consoles are used to create modern music. By using Circuit bending techniques (learned primarily from Nicholas Collins’ Handmade Electronic Music and Rheed Ghazala’s Circuit-Bending) I am spending a lot of my time opening up toys and games and making unusual sounds with them. I am also looking into other types of Chiptune how other techniques for creating retro sounds.

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