Keyboard Sounds

Opened upToy Keyboard I didn’t realise it at the time, but I managed to strike gold pretty early on in this project, with a toy yamaha keyboard that I’d had in the house for years. Unfortunately It was broken – when turned on, it just played one note constantly like a siren and wouldn’t shut up. I decided to open it up and have a look.

With careful, close consideration I discovered that I was totally incompetent and probably wouldn’t be able to fix it. But when I experimented with it, I noticed that making  a connection between two points not only stopped the siren but caused something much more amazing to happen.

Making this connection had a totally random, bizarre effect, causing the toy to behave erratically.  Listen to the audio here:

Click Here if the Media Player doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, for some inexplicable reason, this keyboard now appears to be broken beyond repair. However, I have found another very similar Yamaha Toy Keyboard at the car boot sale that I am yet to open up. I’m hoping that it will have a similar “madness button”.

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