Whenever I have free time I focus a lot of my energies on learning about and creating computer games. I enjoy the craft of programming and the logical thinking that comes with it. Here is a list of a few games that I have worked on.

Bye Plane

Bye Plane Screen Shot

“Bye Plane” is a 3D endless runner game in which you are given control of a biplane and attempt not to crash into the oncoming pillars, or the walls, or the ceilings and floors for that matter. Please enjoy and let me know what your high score is!

Click Here to play Bye Plane

Dodge the Carrots

Dodge The Carrots - Capture

Dodge the carrots is a top-down 2D arcade game, where the object is to avoid giant carrots that are thrown your way. The player has the option to upgrade their character by collecting coins and are awarded throughout the game with items which help you to defend yourself.

Download it here (PC only):

Dodge the Carrots

Unicycle Simulator


This little game, perhaps better described as a toy, is a simple unicycle physics engine. It was created to test the idea of a creating a 3D unicycle-based game in the style of Elastomania or other motorcycle platformer games.

As you can tell it is very much just a shell but may in future develop into a full-grown game.

Click Here to play Unicycle Simulator

Tank Maze

Tank Maze Screenshot

Tank maze is a 2D top-down Tank shooter game developed in Gamesalad. It was developed for iOS software as well as having a playable flash version on Gamesalad Arcade.

Unfortunately Tank Maze is no longer available.

Tiny Robot vs Gross Slime

Tiny Robot Screenshot

During Innovative Learning Week at my University I spent two days doing a course called “Introduction to Game Design”. We were put into groups and collectively created a game at the end of the second day. I was responsible for the programming and audio. The resulting game you can download here (Windows only):