10-in-1 Electronics Lab

10-in-1 Electronics Lab

When I found this toy in the charity shop, I knew at once that I had to have it. It wasn’t just a toy that made sound and would be interesting to listen to and hack; it was also itself a learning tool for electronics. There wasn’t a complicated circuit board that I would have to figure out or guess – all of the parts were clearly labelled and there was no secret to how it worked.

The manual comes with a list of simple electronics circuits that you can build. Unfortunately, a lot of the parts were broken and a lot of the circuits for whatever reason simply didn’t work, however one particular circuit that did work was the “Burglar Alarm” which was essentially just an oscillator that you could switch on and off.

Using the basic burglar alarm setup as a basis, I altered it by switching the resistors and capacitors and making connections between different points in the circuit.

Also, when connecting the audio output, instead of connecting the ground bus, I used objects around the house as a ground. My own body was a particularly strong sound, and the printer created a very interesting noise.

Click here if the audio player doesn’t work.

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