Garry Hall is a musician, tutor and music technology enthusiast living and working in Edinburgh. He has 11+ years of teaching experience and 20+ years of performing experience.

He is a multi-instrumentalist with a passion for musical theory and technology. 

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Guitar, Piano, Singing, Bass, Drums, Ukulele, Mandolin, Bagpipes, Music Theory, Recording Techniques.

Radio Pachuco

A party band like you’ve never seen before! Playing your favourite swing and rock n’ roll classics, as well as modern songs arranged in an old-school swing style!

Recent Posts

  • Can an adult learn perfect pitch?
    Probably not, but if I could, here’s how I would do it… If you are at all interested in musical theory then you might be familiar with Rick Beato’s youtube channel. His videos are probably not a good place for beginners to start, but he certainly has some great content for training or established […]
  • Learning to play backwards?
    Whenever I’m teaching a student and they start learning a brand new piece or song, a few things will happen. They will often try to play the whole thing from start to finish all at once. If the piece is fairly simple then this can be good sight-reading practice. In terms of learning how to […]
  • Unicycle Simulator
    A while back I, along with my friend Felix, had the idea that I would create a game based on the 2D motorcycle platform model – in particular elastomania. However, the game I create would be in 3D, and it would be a Unicycle. When I embarked on my attempt to make such a game, I quickly […]